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How do I know if I need to have an Estate Sale?   This can be a difficult question to answer, but generally, if you have a substantial quantity of quality items to sell, then an Estate Sale is your best choice.  An Estate Sale will generate more profit for you than selling all the contents to one buyer, or having a "Do It Yourself Estate Sale" We generally do a two day sale-the second day of the sale we will take sealed bids on all of the remaining contents-so there will be no items left.  We also offer to coordinate the pick-up of unsold items by local charities for our clients, if there are no bidders on the remaining contents. Of course-this is in agreement with our client prior to the sale. We do not  offer clean out services for homes which are not candidates for our estate sale services. IF you have a VERY  LARGE Estate we can also conduct and on site auction. Kelly's has been in fore front of many of the most successful auctions and tag sales in the Middle Ga, New York & Chicago.

Do I Need to Clean up Before you come to evaluate the Estate? Please, do us and yourself a favor & "leave it alone". Be sure not to clean, throw, sort, or rid the house of ANYTHING prior to calling a liquidator to empty the house. Too many times your idea of "cleaning" is an estate liquidator's idea of stripping and wrecking the chance of a virgin estate to the public. We are professionals we'll decide what needs to be thrown away, we sort, clean, organize, design placement & stage your sale for maximum profits. There is no need to burden yourself with cleaning up & organizing before we come. We've seen it all-and it's OK.

Do I have to have Antiques to Have an Estate Sale? There are ample sales where there are few if any collectibles that still do very well with there net worth. The fact is if an item is needed for day to day living, it can be rehoused and sold at a profit above donating, giving or throwing into a landfill. There is no reason to ignore items of worth simply because they are new or everyday items.

What if there are items I would like to have from the estate? We encourage families to take those items that have sentimental value to them before we assess the home.  Once we have contracted with you for an Estate Sale, we ask that nothing be removed since the contract is based on the contents of the estate when our assessment is made.  

* Kelly's Offer's EBay brokering- Our goal is to maximize the estate, so we use eBay as a tool when liquidating items that deserve a national audience. Any reputable Estate Company should provide this service for you.

 How far in advance do I need to schedule my sale? Generally, if the sale is contracted with Kelly's Estate & Auction Co.  the sale can occur within a few weeks depending on the number of other sales which may already be scheduled. 

How long does the preparation and the sale actually take? This really depends on the contents of the home. If you have a FULL house inside & out-it could take a while.  If  your Estate is on the small side we need at least  ten days to set up, advertise and conduct the sale. We understand that there are times that the sale needs to happen more quickly and we do our best to accommodate such instances.

What if I change my mind and decide not to follow through with the sale? This rarely happens because by the time the family has contacted us, they have spent a great deal of time contemplating their options. However, if the sale must be cancelled, we charge for the time and expenses incurred by Kelly's Estate & Auction Company up to the cancellation of the sale, and a penalty fee.

In what areas of the country does your company conduct sales? Kelly's Estate & Auction Company travels all over the USA. We have done Estates in New York & Chicago, Alabama, Florida, Virginia- via our internet contacts & excellent references.We are happy to consider sales in other areas. However our sales are generally in Middle Georgia and the Atlanta area. We also do virtual you tube video's of your sale.

Does your company provide internet advertising? Our clients & customers are able to look at hundreds of preview pictures of the Estate Sales "before" we have the sale. So you know what's there-before you arrive.

How is Kelly's Estate & Auction Company Compensated? We are paid on a sliding scale via the amount of money realized through giving your estate sale. You pay nothing up front. We pay for the entire sale out of pocket and are reimbursed from the sale proceeds. Our commission and charges vary from sale to sale and house to house depending on: 1) Challenge of project 2) Preparation time 3) Hours needed to research values 4) Supplies needed to prepare & run the sale.Other factors may come into play that would differ the pricing structure so it is best to speak with us in person in advance to get a good grasp of what sort of cost or fees we are talking about. On average, expect to pay 25-30% of gross sales realized.
We carefully go over the contract with you to ensure there is no confusion concerning our services or payment. We believe that having a qualified Estate Sale representative is the your best way to have a profitable sale.  We know the fair market pricing of the items we sell and this knowledge ensures you have a great sale! Kelly's has more hands on experience and excellent references than any other company in middle Georgia.

How will I know what sold and for how much? Our company gives you a complete inventory of the sale and items gone at the end of the liquidation. You will get a final settlement book containing the major purshases & minor purchases, all cost, Labor hours, advertising proofs, and receipts (if any) for any special item that may pertain to your sale. There are no Hidden cost.

We also give a TOTAL each day of what you sale made. This is very important. If any Estate Company can't give you a total for each day's sale---that is red flag.

How Do I Contract With Kelly's?  We simply assess the home to ensure an estate sale is your best option. Next, a contract is signed and we begin working to prepare for your sale.  This process includes cleaning, pricing, arranging, advertising and informing buyers from our previous sales that we have another great sale scheduled. Our link to our website is in every advertisement-and everyone gets a "sneak preview" with tons of photographs-so they'll know what's offered-before they even get in the door. We know that presentation is "everything" and we go the extra mile to make everything look great!  Highly Aggressive Professional Marketing Including Ad Preparation and Placement ,Kelly does all the public relations, advertising,and marketing for all the sales to ensure the best outcome for the seller.

Here are some quick facts about our company.

*Two or Three day conducted Estate Sale-Auction Services for Larger Estates

*Three & four day sales conducted for Larger "Tag" Sales.

* Kelly will call you personally each day & tell you the total of your sale if an Estate Sale Company Can't do this-------this is a big RED FLAG

* We take all Major Credit Cards--which makes your net sales bigger!  ALWAYS choose a company that accepts major credit cards...if they don't ANOTHER RED FLAG

*Organizing & displaying household contents for sale.

*Researching, inspecting & evaluating & pricing each item in the estate for sale.

*Our excellent reputation brings many hundreds of qualified buyers to your sale

*We don't own or operate an antique business or storefront.

*We attract a strong following of buyers-our reputation earns more money for you!

*Friendly, Staff members that help "sell" your Estate Items. Our staff "works" the floor encouraging sales.

*Kelly M. Kelly does no pre-sales

*Kelly's distributes numbers on a first come, first served basis.

*Providing bags & wrapping paper for purchases

*Providing display tables & locking cases for valuables

*Advertising & promotion of the sale including newspaper ads, website posting with photos, weekly email's to approximately over 2500 subscribers, personal alerts & professional outdoor signage.

Please call anytime for a Free Evaluation or Free phone consultation.

(706) 741-0530  or (706) 646-4330 or email us at kellyk0821@gmail.com